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Broken Heart  

with you I had lots of stuff to share
I had always loved to talk to you
Free to share what’s on my mind
Thoughts, arguments and anything
that happens under the moon

But now
I feel dying
with a broken heart
I realize
that I cant keep you here
And this is the hardest part
In your heart,
I can’t find a home
I feel dying,
Dying with broken heart

I used to talk to you when I wake up
You used to listen to every of my words
Saw you when I opened my eyes
and you’re silent face was my comfort

But now
I miss talking to you
I miss seeing you before I close my eyes
I long to hearing your voice
your laughter and joy

Like a broken string of electric guitar
I feel I have no voice, no rights, and am nothing for you
Perhaps I have loved you and expected to be loved in return
Cried and begged for such love
Alone in dark, my tears are gently flowing

Salty, I felt it in my lips
Who can console my broken heart?
I had been searching for love!
Long time I have waited

I can’t blame you
Maybe I was selfish
I tried to learn hating you

But now
I love you more
I’m bugged day and night
Always thinking of you
Loving you more and more
Wishing to touch, kiss and hug you

How I wish in deep blue sleep
You could kiss me with my drying lips
Please wake me up from my snowy dreams
For I felt am a Prince of Losers
In prison, unloved, lonely

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