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Beyond the pleasure, we coloured white.  

I painted myself black to
see you smiling white in me
Thick, we messed in the life canvas,
Blue and red we’r in that.

Melted to purple of terrific glow, but
We reflected white in white as such
Colours we made from me and you
Mixed in thousand shades as we do.

Did we remain blue and red?
Our souls retained the purple thought
We aren’t two my dear, we could
never be two or part into
We are one and always‘ll be, Purple
thoughts will be cherished always

My love is like the heavenly pour
Wet in me my longing light
Purple thoughts, blue and burning reds
We’ll wash them off to remain white

White in white we’ll remain,
White in white we’ll remain
Beyond the pleasure,
we coloured white.

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