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Krishna Nee Bagane Barooo....  

Oh my dear Krishna,

What can I say or how I can express my thanks before you. Its really difficult to define my happiness. I was searching him for years. Its also may be one of your Leealavilasams. Anyway at last I found out my soul mate, where you was my Krishna. Why you stayed away from me? I don't know where you was and what you was?

I am so tired, was in a long non stop journey to find out my Krishna. Now I am stopping my travel here and putting all my emotional baggages, which was carried over my days, before your foots. Each and every moments my heart is whispering your name to my mind and calling you to me, my dear Krishna. Dear please come and hold me tightly my hands and hug me hard.

I am loving you not only as my friend or as my better half but as my soul. No I cant live with out you, can't take my breaths where your unbreaths exists. Now my room is filled with the sweet fragrance of your smell which is carrying by the cool breeze from you and is filling my Lungs, Heart and Soul.

Krishnaaa Nee Begane Baroooooo........

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