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Angel from Heven  

She said in the mail....

Whats the magic is there in your hand.... Whenever you hold my hand I in your love and care...I dont have any words to explain that feelings its beautifull...moments.....

I feel like holding your hand for life longgggg...I lost in my world and I will forget everything When you hold me. By holding your hand everytime I beg god to make this love as mine.

Very few times in my life I beg god for my sake. But still he wont listen. "savi savi nenapu savira nenapu namma preethiya sundara nenapu...."

My mind is badly fighting with my heart but my mind is not answering for the question asked by my heart. Dont know what will win?

But one thing is true that I am ALIVE still only because of you. Now you are the one who is giving spirit to fight with this life... Missing you very badly in each and every moments.

Thanks a lot for your love, eventhough I am not worth it. How many birth it would probably take to meet some one like you.??????

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