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Eternal Embrace  

The reddening horizon
Clouds over cast colored vivid
Shall present every depressed
Soul with moments pleasant

A day’s journey had its toll
Beneath this branching Banyan
My weary body rests
Trunks and terrain silhouetted dark
Against the saffron screen
Melancholy marks the mind
Mystic makes the mind

Bright and clear was the moon
In the azure sky lay
Clouds distinct foamy white
But it was sultry rather
Nature’s stupefied silence

The twilight is lit
A cool breeze blows
A few stars glow
More of them follow
They blink and beckon me
To the static dynamism
“I shall come later”

Lo! Where am I devoid of flesh?
The apparition is apparent
They blinked bright-
Before my bewildered eyes

Februery 1998

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