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Send / Receive emails from others mail id  

Trick to cheat some one and/or keep your self safe

When some one left without signing out from his/her mail box , you can receive his /her mails in your mail box & send emails to his/her friends/others as if he/ she sent that email for life time.
yaa that's true. by using the services provided by gmail u can do this....

Step 1: how to receive his emails afterwards

If he/she uses gmail:

go to setting >> forwarding & POP >> check forwarding option >> enter your email id>> save settings, thats all . you will receive emails in your in box that are sent to his/her id

If he/she use yahoo mail:
go to options [right up corner]>> check forwarding box >> enter your email id click save>> go to your in box >> check mail>> click on confirmation email. thats will receive emails in your in box that are sent to his/her id

Step2: how to send emails by his/her email address

go to your gmail>> go to settings>> click on the accounts tab>> click add another email >> enter his email id>> go to his/her inbox >> check in box >> click confirmation link
now you can send emails using his/her id from your email , go to compose mail toggle between your id and his her id i.e. you can send emails as his/her id

Step 3: copying his her contacts to your contacts

If he/she use
s gmail:
go to contacts of his email >> click export>> go to your gmail id>> go to contacts click import. thats all
go to contacts >> click export> then in your contacts click import

Now you can send receive emails as that fellow do

How to keep your self safe from others applying these tricks on you

        • check your forwarding options in regular intervals
        • don't ever forget to sign out
Tricks can also be used for switching from other old email ids to new gmail id.

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