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Some Adultrated Thoughts  

We had fun, we had joy….
We had laughter over the phone…
The spark of friendship brushed up
The mighty soles mixed up..

We had cry, we had words,
We had length for hours…
The crispy talks began to fledge up
The cracked soles began to merge up.

Head shd be the first to come up
Why not the tail have hav a chance..
We had dreams we had fights,
We had all those crazy talks
Funny perhaps, h’ve nvr heard
B’fore, purity z a stuff cud be seen
We spoke all those ill words out
Turning our friendship’s plight to wilt
Men z the culprit in all break ups
No the women z we started our fight…

Discussion went to several hrs
Remembering to forget,
What to do and cud be done…
We poured caring we poured feelings
All where hidden but straight to eyes..
Ego, arrogance, possessiveness...
All those played there parts so well.

We had monsoons, deep in our hearts
To quench our poor thirst… so hard…
Satisfied we never be….what
That lacked z yet to find…
Relationships are thousand and one
What that makes z we alone….
Name it out…. Sorry I cannot..

Was it a friendship from our supreme core?
Or a fun that words cud give
To satisfy the adult in u…???/////

A poem from Lakshmi

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