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Unconditional Love  

Its a rainy day
The sparrow came to my room
Through the window
And sat on my shoulder
Shaked its wet feather
And stared on my computer
I was playing my crazy gambling
The sparrow flew in the room
Suddenly my Keyboard
Wet with red blood
And feathers drawn on my head
From the Sealing fan
Feathers came one by one
In the breeze that passed
The feathers of my love
Pause the chirping for a while
And looked on the sealing
The poor bird is broken by the fan
And hanging on the leafs
Its blood drew pictures
On my window glass
On my sealing and
On my computer monitor
I lost my love
The feathers of love
The petals of love
The fragrance of love
The beauty of love
The silence of love
She is the regular visitor in my room
And I was in love with her


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