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If you not coming to me
Why should I think on you
Why should I Love you
Why should I expect you
Why should I wait for you
Why should I pained me
Why should I care on you
Why should I feel like am insane

I asked and asked many times

Still simply you ignoring me
I cried loudly as a baby,
Begged and begged as a mysor
Pained as a cancer patient
But never you answered to me

You have no ambitions
You have no love or like
You are not a saint but
You always ignoring me

I try to tell you how I feel
But you don't care my words
If you cant love me or care
Please stay away from my soul
I am not a problem friend*
I am not a needy friend**
I have heart love to be loved
I have nothing than love

You not just a friend of me
Something more and more
You knows me well, but
You always ignoring me

* “Problem friend,” the first person you call in a heart emergency
** "Needy friends", the person you contact for needs


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