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Creation of Excellance  

Once Up on a time there was a Bull. One day the Bull came to saw lots of Golf Balls while it is grassing on a Greenery field. The Bull start to have the balls and after finishing all the balls the beautiful oily skin of the Bull is start to change and finally looks as the Golf Ball.
Its not a story just an Imagination of one of my friends, his name is Mr. Deepu Das. I would love to introduce him before you. He is a talanted Graphic designer and a Photographer. He made lots of wounderful creations with the Photoshop.
He mabe this work called as the Golf Bull and won the First Prize with 100 Credits in the Photoshop Talent Contest, the biggest international Photosop Excellance competition. It covering the Cash award, Certificate and Shield.
He made to find new usages of the Photoshop Tools, even the proggramme developers was ignorant on that. He won the first prize in the contest beacise of the finding of the optionalized usage of the tools and talents and creativity he made in the Picture.

The Picture of the Bull before having the Golf Balls

The Golf Balls which was had by the Bull while Grassing

Golf Ball Bull

After the having the Golf Ball the akin and appearance of the Bull changaed because of the Mutation on in its genes.

Cration in Photoshop, which won the Third Prize in the Photo Shop Talent Contest.
The Picture given by the Organizers, by using this he explored the Bomblasting Location.

The pictur is just created in the photoshop. The importance of this pocture is no filter is used and all manually made. He tried to visualize the half burned and crashed Jeep stained with blood of the victims just after the the Blast.

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Just a Photo shop made Greeting card for the Friendship Day. Try to landscaping the Nostalgic feelings and the ever green childood days we lost in past.

The Poster amde for the Diamond Jublee celibration of Indian Independence Day. The Poster leaving a Big Question who is the really dedicated their lives to our Independence?

In this 60th Independence Day I am bowing my head under our Beautiful Tricolour National Falg with all Petriotic feelings.

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